What is a “Food Crawl” and why should I care?

It’s a slow Saturday morning.
You have nothing to do.
Your friends want to go for lunch but can’t decide on where to go.
“Should we have Thai?”
“How about Mexican?”


A food crawl is the ultimate experience for a true foodie. You visit as many restaurants/food trucks/cafes/tea parties that you want and eat a food item at each place. Food crawls are generally not to be journeyed alone so invite your friends and ask for their recommendations. A crawl is usually completed through walking to each destination but you can use any transport you desire (and may want to after the third dish).

Yeah… why should I care?

Experiencing new food is great way to get out and about, share good times with friends and maybe make some new ones. If you know the best Mexican place in town and the best taco on the menu, share it with others so they may taste it in all of its gloriousnessness. When crawling as a group, sharing dishes allows you to visit more restaurants and taste more food.

So, like, what do I do now?

So you want to start crawling?
Now you need a little preparation.
Creating your first food crawl is a simple task. You may have a million ideas but find it hard to simplify it.
“Should I do an japanese inspired crawl”
“we could eat chicken wings”
“I know where the best cupcakes are”
Too many ideas isn’t a bad place to be but you should start with an easy crawl to execute.
Pick a theme (“Awesome food nearby” is popular), pick 3-5 dishes and gather your friends.
That’s it.

So what is Flavatour?

Flavatour is a platform where you can gather these ideas and create a more concrete plan. Through the use of social media you can invite your friends to help create the crawl and organise when to go eat! Your masterpiece can then be followed by other users who are looking for a new experience.
With this we can help the foodie scene to begin a new era.

Alright, I’ll start preparing now

Great, below are links to a quick start guide and a basic template to make the process simple and smooth. Once the platform is ready, you can enter your existing crawls and create streamlined new ones!

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- March 12, 2016
I am the founder of Flavatour and a insatiable foodie. You can find me on Twitter @masterblue.

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